President Ben Shelly and Vice President Rex Lee Jim Seek One More Term

Navajo President Ben Shelly with wife files for reelection

Navajo President Ben Shelly with wife files for reelection

WINDOW ROCK – NAVAJO NATION—The Shelly – Jim team who took office on January 11, 2011, when the government was at a $22 million deficit and restored a $30 million surplus, is seeking re-election, announcing this weekend in an unprecedented back-to-back appearance at their respective chapters.

“It takes tough leadership to face the tough challenges,” said President Shelly as he filed for candidacy, seeking his final term as president.  “It all caught up right here,” he said, pointing out the tough issues of range management reform, condemned government buildings, the water settlement, and the more than 75,000 feral horses.

“Let’s put the skunk on the table,” said the president, “because we are facing the tough ones, working together to resolve years of neglect.”

It is official.  The president, alongside his wife Martha of 49 years, filed his application with the Navajo Election Administration Friday afternoon.

“We are working together, to make change work,” said the president before his supporters who were with him and the First Lady as the application was received by the election with less than two weeks before the deadline.

“We are announcing our vision for a second term this weekend at our ‘Road to Victory’ rallies at Thoreau and Rock Point,” he said.  “We have brought stability to our government, while we have made progress we will speak on this weekend.”

“We have made many tough decision in getting the job done,” said the president.  “We used the veto pen, for instance, to maintain a healthy balance in government savings.  The people gave us the power to act responsibly and we have taken great trust.”

The priorities over the last four years are health, education, economic prosperity, governance, and infrastructure.  Health and education, from the beginning, the president placed in the able trust of Vice President Rex Lee Jim.  The vice president will speak this weekend on progress made in these areas, as the Shelly-Jim team will speak on a list of their accomplishments, current works, and where they anticipate to go over the next four years.

“We want people to know, early, we are a team,” said Vice President Rex Lee Jim.  “It takes a team to make a difference.  We are ready as we seek another term to finishing what we have begun.”

The Shelly-Jim campaign will begin with festivities in Thoreau, NM, on Saturday, May 17, with a special tribute to the Veterans in observance of Armed Forces day.  The program begins at 10:00am, with speeches and entertainment.  At 12:00pm, the program will segue to the special tribute, followed by speakers and concluding with a speech from the vice president and president.

On Sunday, May 18, the Shelly-Jim campaign will move to the vice president’s home chapter at Rock Point, beginning at 2:00pm and ending at 6:00pm.

At both locations, food will be served.  The event will be broadcast on KTNN 660 AM ( and a webcast will be featured on

The president and vice president won in 2010 by a five percent margin, after staging a large political come back from the 2010 primary election with a distant second place following.

The Navajo Nation primary election is set for Tuesday, August 26, 2014.  For voter registration information contact the Navajo Election Administration at 800-775-8683, or visit their website at


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