Prayer Walk in DC for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women/Remembering Dennis Banks

Ceremony to remember Dennis Banks on his birthday.

Published April 8, 2019

WASHINGTON — A prayer walk will take place in the nation’s capital on Tuesday, April 9, 2019 to bring further awareness to missing and murdered indigenous women and to remember the late American Indian Movement leader Dennis Banks on his birthday.

Walkers who have been making their way to Washington, D.C. will be greeted by Darla Banks, daughter of Dennis Banks, and others. There will be a ceremony, water and pipe will be offered as a tribute to the legacy of Dennis Banks

A sunrise celebration will begin with pipe ceremonies and women singers praying for missing and murdered women and children, at 6:30 a.m. with a birthday pipe ceremony and celebration of Dennis Banks life, at 8 am on the National Mall between the White House and Washington Memorial. Following the sunrise ceremonies, the walkers wiil walk to the U.S. Capitol for drum and water ceremonies.

Women will lead this walk in prayer for all Indigenous women and children in peril.

Come out to remember the murdered and missing Indigenous women and Dennis Banks.

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