Pray for the World

Eiffel tower

The Paris suicide attacks that left some 150 dead is a reminder of how much violence exists in this world. Almost lost in the news is the fact 43 died in Beruit hours earlier at the hands of evil terrorists. Seemingly, there are no safe havens left in this world. Terrorism has no boundaries.

We should not forget the 147 that died by terrorists at the Garissa University in Kenya in April 2015.

In our own country, mad and evil men walk into movie theaters, churches, universities and schools to shed innocent blood.

American Indians are no strangers to violent acts committed by evil people. One only has to remember Sand Creek or Wounded Knee, where innocent American Indians died in large numbers. Sadly, those murderous attacks fell under the heading of Indian Wars as justification to kill innocent American Indian men, women and children.

The suicide attacks that the Islamic State wants to take credit are a reminder to American Indians of the evil that is perputrated in the name of God by others.

lar parisMany American Indians, as well as others, changed their Facebook profiles in tribute to France. Paris is getting a lot of attention, as it should. Beruit should be acknowledged as well.

We all should pray for the world. Pray that peace and the good way is sought rather than violence and evil. Pray that the Creator shows us light in the midst of darkness.


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