Power of Social Media: Racist Nurse Fired from Rapid City Regional Hospital for Video that Hit Facebook

Racist nurse, Ryane Oliva, fired for saying "Indians (expletive) suck!" and other racist remarks on video that hit Facebook

Racist nurse, Ryane Oliva, fired for saying “Indians (expletive) suck!” and other racist remarks on video that hit Facebook

Regional Health Asking Community Join in Solidarity Gathering

RAPID CITY, SOUTH DAKOTA – The power of social media worked over the course the weekend and into Monday as Ryane Oliva, a registered nurse at Rapid City Regional Hospital, was fired for being caught on video saying “Indians (expletive) suck (with emphasis)! Indians suck!”

The video surfaced and made its rounds on Facebook this weekend with Oliva yelling racist remarks against American Indians and African Americans.

Acting swiftly, Rapid City Regional Hospital terminated Oliva on Monday from its staff and issued the following statement:

“A Rapid City Regional Hospital employee has been terminated for making extremely derogatory, racist comments targeting Native Americans and African Americans posted on a private social media account. Regional Health became aware of a video, filmed outside of the workplace, yesterday afternoon.

‘Regional Health has a zero tolerance policy regarding this type of behavior by its caregivers inside or outside the workplace. We will not stand for any type of racism or bigotry on the part of our caregivers or physicians. We take this type of behavior very seriously and the employee has been terminated, as it clearly violates the Regional Health Code of Conduct,’ said Brent Phillips, President and CEO of Regional Health. ‘I believe the actions by this individual are an exception to the thoughts and behaviors of Regional Health caregivers. Our caregivers are upset by it. Let me be clear, Regional Health’s purpose is to help all of our patients and communities live well. We are focused on providing quality, compassionate care to all of our patients.’”

Regional Health serves many American Indians in Rapid City, many of whom travel from reservations to the facility for medical treatment.

In a show of community solidarity, Regional Health invites Native American, African American and Rapid City leaders, and all community members, to join Regional Health caregivers at noon tomorrow, Tuesday, May 12, in front of Rapid City Regional Hospital.

“Together, we will show we are stronger when we stand together and there is no place for racism or bigotry anywhere in our great state,” Phillips said.

Editor’s Note:Due to the vulgar language used by Oliva, Native News Online has elected not to run a copy of the video.


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