Photos of Indigenous Day Sunrise Ceremony on Alcatraz Island

Aztec dancers celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day on Alcatraz Island


Published October 10, 2018

Native News Online photographs by Arthur Jacobs

ALCATRAZ ISLAND – Ever since the occupation of Alcatraz Island by 89 American Indians in November 1969, the island has held a special place in the hearts of American Indians. It was there resistance among American Indians of the Red Power movement gained the nation’s attention.

It was there on Monday morning before sunrise from ferries from San Francisco that some 1,400 American Indians and their allies gathered to observe Indigenous Peoples’ Day 2018.

Veteran warriors of the American Indian Movement were on hand to celebrate with a new generation of American Indians who now fight for water rights at places such as Standing Rock.

The event was sponsored by the International Indian Treaty Council.

AIM veteran Fred Short


AIM West director Tony Gonzales talks with Madonna Thunder Hawk, lead in “Warrior Women”


Aztec dancers below historic lighthouse on the Rock.


Aztec dancers with their children


An Aztec grandfather with his grandchild.

Arthur Jacobs contributed to this story from San Francisco and Alcatraz Island.


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