Pence Comes to Grand Rapids to Make Case for Trump Presidency

GOP Vice President Mike Spence in Grand Rapids. Native News Online by Levi Rickert

GOP Vice President Mike Pence in Grand Rapids. Native News Online by Levi Rickert

Published July 29, 2016

GRAND RAPIDS – Republican Vice President nominee, Mike Pence, held a town meeting in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Thursday. It was one of his first solo appearances since being named the GOP vice president nominee.

He said he did not hestitate for one-minute when Trump called him two weeks ago Wednesday to ask him to be his running mate.

About 300 of GOP faithful came out to support Pence.

Pence rehashed much of the Republican rhethoric that was presented at their convention in Cleveland last week. He said, if elected, Hillary Clinton will have the opportunity to nominate three people to the U.S. Supreme Court. He urged voters not to let that happen.

During his speech, he several times referred to Donald Trump as his “boss.” He also referenced flying around in Trump’s “big” plane.

Republicans are hopeful they can turn Michigan, which has voted Democratic in all presidential elections since 1992. The Republicans think they may have some traction in Michigan this year due to the loss of manufacturing jobs; so they sent Pence to campaign here.

In the latest poll taken before the major political parties held their respective conventions, Clinton was leading Trump by 5.2 points in Michigan.


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