Painting Medicine on the Street

San Francisco-Painting the medicine on the street and demonstrating the power of intent through beautiful action.  Isabella Zizi, Pennie Opal Plant, Pat St. Onge and many others of Idle No More SF Bay and Indigenous Environmental Network demonstrated this in the San Francisco financial district in front of Wells Fargo.


The street was blocked off and on the street in front of Wells Fargo a painting of Thunderbird Woman (Originally by Isaac Murdoch) was painted by Idle No More SF bay and and Indigenous Environmental Network.

As in many medicine meetings a beautiful creation full of heart and prayers is created, and with the sun rise of a new day the creation is wiped out, and the area is cleaned up. Teaching the beauty of impermanence, how everything changes, and many other lessons.
by Norm Sands
Three Cheyenne River Grandmothers, Mabel Ann Eagle Hunter, Madonna Thunderhawk,and  Karen Little Wounded plus Joye Braun and Joe White Eyes were there helping and praying, they even had a talk the night before at a Water Protector Panel at San Francisco Native American Health Center

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