OK Governor’s Daughter Criticized for Performing in Native Regalia and Doing a Fake War Dance

Oklahoma Governor's daugther, Christian Fallin, adorned in fake American Indian headdress

Oklahoma Governor’s daugther, Christian Fallin, adorned in fake American Indian headdress

NORMAN, OKLAHOMA — Christina Fallin,  27, the daughter of Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin, is back to misbehaving. This time she wore American Indian regalia as she performed at the Norman Music Festival in Norman, Oklahoma on Friday night.

The younger Fallin provides live mixes and dances during performances in Pink Pony, a Oklahoma City-based band.

This past March Fallin drew the ire of Indian country for posting a photograph of herself on social media sites in an American Indian headdress.

Part of Friday night’s regalia worn by Fallin was an American Indian-styled shawl with the word “Sheep” on the back as she performed a fake American Indian war dance.

Eradicating Offensive Native Mascotry, a group of Native parents and their allies from across the country, were quick to denounce Fallin’s actions.

Choctaw musician Samantha Crain staged a protest in reaction to Fallin’s

Protestors at Norman Music Festival

Protestors at Norman Music Festival

attire and fake war dance.

According to a tweet by Chahta Summer, a Choctaw mother and a recent law school graduate, Fallin’s shawl with “Sheep” written on its back was a direct swipe at American Indians.

“Their supporters were calling us sheep the last time, saying we called her out to be PC (politically correct), not thinking for ourselves,” commented Summer.

In March, the Fallin’s photograph in the headdress was quickly taken down from the social media sites and a public relations firm released statement that read in part:

“Growing up in Oklahoma, we have come into contact with Native American culture institutionally our whole lives—something we are eternally grateful for. With age, we feel a deeper and deeper connection to the Native American culture that has surrounded us. Though it may not have been our own, this aesthetic has affected us emotionally in a very real and meaningful way. Please forgive us if we innocently adorn ourselves in your beautiful things.”

CORRECTION:  This story originally reported Ms. Fallin wore “full” American Indian regalia. Upon further research, it was determined she wore a shawl and did a fake war dance. 

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