NTEC CEO Expresses Support for Navajo Small Businesses

Navajo Transitional Energy Company CEO Clark Moseley

Published May 9, 2018

TWIN ARROWS, ARIZONA – Navajo Transitional Energy Company (NTEC) CEO Clark Moseley expressed the company’s support of Navajo businesses during a morning welcome speech at the 3rd Annual Navajo Nation Economic Summit on April 25.

“NTEC is a major supporter of Navajo small businesses,” he stated during the last day of the three-day conference. More than 120 people were present during Moseley’s speech.

NTEC, formed and owned by the Navajo Nation, purchased Navajo Mine, south of Farmington, in 2013 as an effort to preserve jobs at the mine and the Four Corners Power Plant.

“We support 400 small businesses that provide services to Navajo Mine. This injects approximately $80 million into the region of which many of these businesses employ Navajo workers,” he said.

The Navajo Mine and Four Corners Power Plant combined employ nearly 800 people most of whom are Navajo.

Under NTEC management, Navajo Mine expanded its reach to Navajo-owned businesses under the Navajo Business Opportunity Act.

“NTEC’s goal is to see more Priority 1 Navajo businesses be part of this small business pool,” Moseley added. NTEC also follows Navajo preference as it bids out work.

Moseley also spoke about the Community Benefit Fund, in which NTEC donates $200,000 annually to local nonprofit organizations and Navajo chapters for small scale projects, including projects for economic development.

“Economic development is the foundation to growing Navajo communities. It also raises the standard of living for all Navajos while providing good paying jobs when growth occurs. NTEC continues to provide support to the communities through its Community Benefit Fund,” Moseley said.

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