Non-Native Nurse Fired for Making Racist “A Bunch of Fat Natives” Remarks on Social Media

Published September 6, 2018

DURANT, Okla. — A racist post to social media over the weekend has appropriately cost a racist nurse her job at  Choctaw Nation health facility. Given her post, she will have to take her racist “fake” smile elsewhere. Hopefully, far from Indian Country.

Jill White, now the former Choctaw Nation nurse, posted a photo on her personal Snapchat account accompanied by a message that read,

“My fake smile. Excited to go make sure a bunch of fat natives don’t stroke out playing softball. With no shoes or shirts on.”

Apparently, White posted her comments just prior to going to work at a softball game during the annual Choctaw Nation Labor Day Festival last weekend.

“Choctaw leadership was alerted to the incident and the employee is no longer employed with Choctaw Nation,” Katy Pickens, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Government spokeswoman, said in a news release. “Disparaging words, even when joking, are never acceptable. We will continue to share our values and beliefs of faith, family and culture.”

The following post was made on the Choctaw Nation’s Facebook page on Wednesday:

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