Non-native Coach under Fire by Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe for Texting “Get Ready to Scalp or Be Scalped”

Published January 23, 2017

VIRGINIA CITY, NEVADA — A non-Native American Virginia City High School basketball is under fire by Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribal Chairman Vinton Hawley for texting “Get ready to scalp or be scalped” a one of his players prior to a recent basketball game between his team and the Pyramid Lake High School basketball team.

Ken Fujii, the Virginia City High School coach, sent the text prior on January 13, 2017 before his team played the Pyramid Lake High School team. The high school is a tribal school.

Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribal Chairman Vinton Hawley is asking for an investigation by the Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association. The tribal chairman wants Fujii to be fired immediately.

Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribal Chairman Vinton Hawley

“As a tribal school we are constantly subjected to this type of disparaging remarks from parents,” Hawley wrote in a letter to the athletic association. “But to have a coach who has signed agreements to uphold his conduct to a higher standard spew such hate is disheartening and reprehensible.”

Fujii wrote a letter that is posted on the school system website. He writes:

“I would not and do not mistreat people especially minorities,” he wrote in his letter. “I was raised with many Indian children and many of them continue to be among my best friends today.”

Fujii runs a basketball camp each summer.

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