Newest Cherokee Casino Will Create Jobs, Build Up Destination Community

cherokee casino
Guest Commentary

Cherokee Nation Entertainment will soon break ground on the tribe’s 10th gaming complex when work begins this spring on the Cherokee Casino near Grove. By constructing this new facility, we will create more than 175 quality jobs in Delaware County.

The tribe’s minimum wage is well above the federal minimum wage and full-time jobs come with insurance, retirement and a full benefits package. As the new dollars circulate in the community it will improve the lives of so many people in the area. Our goal is to fill as many of these good-paying jobs with Cherokee Nation citizens as possible. Right now, there are more Cherokees working for our government and business enterprises than at any time in history. These paychecks will raise the quality of life for many people and create a brighter future for all people living in Delaware County.

Principal Chief Bill John Baker

Principal Chief Bill John Baker

We look forward to working with local officials in Grove, including the chamber of commerce, and elected leaders, to grow the local economy and enhance the area as a true destination point near beautiful Grand Lake. The tribe’s entertainment expertise, coupled with the stunning natural landscape and the opportunity to enjoy family activities on the lake, will truly drive visitors to this area of the Cherokee Nation. We are proud to a play a critical role in that potential economic growth.

As jobs and visitors increase, the local schools and government will reap the benefits. Additionally, that will mean more money flowing into infrastructure needs like roads and bridges, water and sewer lines, and first responder services.

At the Cherokee Nation, we have made historic investments to improve health care by utilizing our casino profits. We have invested millions of dollars to expand clinics and build new ones, creating a better quality of life for our people and for all of northeast Oklahoma. I am so proud this new economic effort will be such a boon as it builds the local economy and provides the additional funding to expand services to the Cherokee people.

Our tribal businesses, like the forthcoming casino, play a vital role in our future as a tribe, as well as our home state. The tribe is the economic engine of this region, and we must keep pursuing opportunities to grow that impact, create jobs and further economic development for our friends and family.


Bill John Baker is principal chief of the Cherokee Nation.



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