New Children’s Book Brings Back Folklores & Fairytales with Inuit Legend

Published July 4, 2017

DALLAS – When Elisabeth Schalij worked at the Museum of the American Indians, it was her job to research and study the many folktales of Inuit tribes. In her study of history and culture of these Indian clans, there was one story that struck a special place in her heart. Schalij now brings that tale to life with her first children’s book “SNOWBEAR: A Story Inspired by Inuit Folktales.”

“SNOWBEAR” shares the story of an Inuit family and their search for hunting grounds. A story for all ages, two Inuit children battle rough landscape and come face-to-face with wild animals, including a grizzly bear, seal and magical SNOWBEAR himself. In the end, they do what is necessary for survival, making an unlikely friend along the way.

“There used to be such a tradition of passing down folklores and fairytales,” Schalij said. “It is those kind of stories, communicated face-to-face, that carry rich and valuable lessons. SNOWBEAR is my chance to update those ancient tales and revive them for a modern audience.”

Complete with accompanying illustrations, Schalij provides a new twist to a legendary tale. For more information on the book and author, please visit

“SNOWBEAR: A Story Inspired by Inuit Folktales”
By Elisabeth Schalij
ISBN: 9781491791349 (softcover) 9781491791356 (ebook)
Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and iUniverse

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