Navajo-woman Owned Small Business Celebrates 20 years

 Eunice Tso

Eunice Tso

Serving Indian Country since 1995.” – ETD Inc.

Published December 28, 2015

FLAGSTAFF – ETD Inc. celebrated its 20th anniversary on December 17, 2015.  The company specializes in providing professional support services to Native communities, private firms, federal agencies, and tribal governments that are implementing development projects in Indian Country.


ETD Inc. has had important roles in countless development projects on the Navajo Nation and other reservations.  ETD Inc. facilitates the development of community based land use plans, ensures an appropriate level of environmental compliance, incorporates environmental planning into various design and engineering projects of their clients, and collects community feedback, often required for planning and by the National Environmental Policy Act.

Business woman, Eunice Tso, was able to start this company back when she saw a need for such professional services on tribal land.

“I saw a need and I knew I could do the work,” Tso said. “By then I had already written a few environmental assessments during the time I worked in the Navajo Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation program. I returned to Northern Arizona where I later received a Master’s Degree in Geology with an emphasis in Environmental Geology.”

Today, Tso has over 20 years of experience in providing environmental consultation services.  She has a deep understanding of the regulations that govern development on tribal lands and is able to navigate the often complex situations that result from federal and tribal governments’ dual authority over environmental permitting. Her background in Geology gives her a strong understanding of land, water and mineral resources on tribal land.

Tso says that key to her success is her background and knowledge of tribal cultures, history, and socio-economic conditions.

She stated, “I understand the underlying issues facing Native communities and I dedicate my work to strengthen their capacity to manage their land and to create opportunities for economic development, which in turn generates local jobs and tax revenue for community projects.”

Tso feels fortunate to be where she is today and to have the opportunity to help empower communities and tribal entities. “I think our work is very interesting and I am fortunate to have a career where each day is different because each project is tailored to a specific community.” Tso continued.

ETD Inc. is well known for delivering high quality work to its clients in Indian Country.  Last week, Navajo Division of Transportation, Road Maintenance Department Manager, Ray Russell wrote on ETD Inc.’s Facebook page, “ETD Inc. is most ethical and productive in this distinct period in procession of change in native economic advancement toward a better, more compete and modern condition, mainly on the Navajo Nation.”

ETD Inc. is certified by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and holds a Priority 1 Vendor status with the Navajo Nation.

Tso mentioned, “We are working toward getting more federal contracts. I am confident that with the help of my young team of professionals, we will take this company to the next level.”

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