Navajo Vampire Film Could Be the Next Twilight

SecondSunriseRNFilmsMovingBox (1)LOS ANGELES — Red Nation Films is pleased to announce SECOND SUNRISE, a feature film based on the series of suspense novels written by David and Aimée Thurlo. One critic has called the books “a fantastic blend of reality and the supernatural,” and the movie promises to be the same.

Second Sunrise stars Eddie Spears (Hell on Wheels, Black Cloud). The other leads include Sage Galesi (Dreamkeeper, Into the West), Balthazar Getty (Brothers & Sisters), and veteran A Martinez (Longmire and too many others to mention).

“It’s a great idea they have come up with,” says Martinez. “It takes the legends that have come out of Europe and puts them up against the stories of skinwalkers/shapeshifters that have arisen in Native American culture.”

RNF285x160-V4 (2)Second Sunrise, the first of a four-picture franchise, will be directed by Joanelle Romero. Romero is best known for the award-winning documentary American Holocaust: When Its All Over I’ll Still Be Indian (2000).

“There has never been a feature film starring Native actors to achieve blockbuster box-office numbers,” says Romero. “I believe this film and franchise will do just that.” Rosemary Marks, co-producer of the critically acclaimed film Thirteen, will produce along with Red Nation Films. Red Nation also oversees the Red Nation Film Festival (2003-present) and the Red Nation Television Channel (2006-present).

“For Native films, this is a game-changer” says Marks. “It has all the elements—exotic locations, death-defying thrills, and hot Native stars—to be as successful as the Twilight Saga.” Red Nation Films has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise development funds for Second Sunrise. Already donations are pouring in—one anonymous donor gave $10,000—and Hollywood executives are expressing interest. The campaign’s goal is to raise $350,000 with principal shooting to began in September.

For updates on Second Sunrise and its Kickstarter campaign, including which Oscar-nominated star will lead the sexy shapeshifters, please visit:


Shapeshifters DesertSECOND SUNRISE, an adaptation of David and Aimée Thurlo novel Second Sunrise. The story of a New Mexico State Police Officer Lee Nez, a Navajo vampire. Thanks to the quick work of a Navajo shaman Bowlegs, Lee can walk about in the day and prefers his blood refrigerated-but his vampire nature makes him a magnet for other supernatural entities. Lee suspects that the German vampire who created him during World War II is back in the US, searching for a cache of stolen plutonium. And Lee’s being stalked by the remnants of a pack of Navajo shapeshifters who are literally out for his blood. When the FBI shows up, in the person of the very attractive Diane Lopez, Lee’s problems only increase. He can’t tell Diane that the case she’s looking into involves shapeshifters or that it’s his supernatural abilities that make him such a great cop. And teaming up with Lee could be very hazardous.

Red Nation Films, a division of The Romero Company — An Indigenous Film Studio

Start date: September 2014
Filming location: New Mexico
Expected release date: late 2015

For more information
Please direct all questions to:


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