Navajo Trader Edison Eskeets Ran 330 Miles to Remember the ‘Long Walk’

Edison Eskeets at end of his 330-mile, 15-day run. Photos by Paula Iveland.

Published June 9, 2018

SANTA FE – Edison Eskeets, Navajo trader at Hubbell Trading post in Ganado, Arizona, wanted to commemorate the he 150th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Bosque Redondo in a memorable fashion. So, he decided to embark on a 330-mile solo run following the route of the Long Walk.

The Treaty of Bosque Redondo, signed June 1, 1868. officially ended the Navajo Long Walk, which was a forced march of Navajo people. During the Long Walk thousands died as Navajo and Mescalero Apache were forced to leave their homes. For four years some 8,500 Navajo and 500 Mescalero Apache were interned at Bosque Redondo. The Treaty of Bosque Redondo allowed the Navajo and Mescalero Apache to return to their homelands.

“The time is now to show our respect and in doing so honor our great-grandfathers, grandmothers, parents, and children,” said Eskeets at the beginning of his run.

Eskeets’ 15-day run began at Canyon de Chelly National Monument in Northern Arizona and ended June 1 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Eskeets was greeted by family and friends.




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