Navajo Technical University Students Attend World Maker Faire in New York City

Industrial engineering major Calsey Nez takes a moment to interview with Maker Magazine representative Maya Gorton about some of the products he creates with his 3D printer and the industrial engineering program at Navajo Technical University

Published October 10, 2018

CROWNPOINT, N.M. — Navajo Technical University’s industrial engineering student Calsey Nez and creative writing & new media student Keanu Jones attended the World Maker Faire held at the New York Science Hall in Queens, New York. The students gleaned from a variety of projects that were created and attended workshops in an effort to network and inform attendees of NTU’s programs.

“The most intriguing aspect of World Maker Faire was the 3D printing zone. There I was able to see the different types of printers available and make contacts with people with interests in 3D printing,” said Nez, who creates various products with his personal 3D printer. “Overall, it was an impressive event with numerous innovations and workshops that engaged everyone. The World Maker Faire featured a variety of technologies that were of interest to me, I even seen one of my heroes of all time, Adam Savage from Mythbusters, which was a real pleasure for me.”

At the World Maker Faire, Nez and NTU Engineering Instructor Dr. Peter Romine attended a workshop presentation by Mythbusters television star Adam Savage and cast members of Mythbusters Jr. At the presentation, six of the nation’s most talented kids told of their experiences and knowledge about Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM).

“The World Faire opened our eyes to a lot of the latest technologies out there that have not yet been discovered or really heard of at NTU,” explained Keanu Jones, who was amazed at grandior of the event, which featured over 600 projects with 8 stages focused on electronics, 3D printing, robotics, art, and food. “Some of these ideas can be brought back to the university and it be exposed to our students who can apply them into the communities where they can be utilized and benefit our people.”

Jones represented Kéyah Advanced Rural Manufacturing Alliance (KARMA) at the World Faire and shared information with vendors about KARMA’s various initiatives in building K-12 pathways to careers in advanced manufacturing. KARMA held a maker competition in April where middle and high school students were tasked with creating a 3D printed toy for Navajo Head Start, and more recently participated in NTU’s inaugural Maker Nation Fair at the Navajo Nation Fair in September.

As part of attending the World Maker Faire, the students also learned about how they could start a maker faire of their own on or near the Navajo nation. The two were also able to network with other organizations. Nez was able to connect with seven organizations and institutions that showed interest in internships for NTU students, and he began discussions of possible partnerships for students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields.

Navajo Technical University’s industrial and electrical engineering programs were recently accredited by ABET. To learn more about the engineering programs at Navajo Technical University, contact Dr. Peter Romine at


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