Navajo President & Vice President Extend “Happy New Year” Message

Looking forward, we know there is much work still to be done and our efforts will remain diligent, productive and consistent. That is our commitment and responsibility to the Navajo People.  

We ask that you please make time before year end to visit your relatives and elders across the Nation. Check up on your grandparents and elders to make sure they have enough wood for their stoves and water for themselves and their livestock.  Take them to the store. Let them know they are loved and not forgotten.

Sometimes all our elders need is a little attention and that carries them a long way.  

Also, take some time to bring everyone in the home together around the dinner table to talk about what is happening within each other lives.  Put away the cell phones, tablets and gaming devices for one meal to talk and listen to one another.  

Winter is our storytelling season, so it is very appropriate to share stories with one another and even have grandma or grandpa hand down some traditional knowledge. Let’s listen to one another and share our love and camaraderie with each other during this season.  

Let’s always remember to honor our K’é and live according to Hozhó.

Happy New Year from the Office of the President and Vice President!

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