Navajo Nation Vice President Meets with World Vision

Vice President Nez pictured above in the World Vision warehouse with staff from the Navajo Nation Division of Economic Development, Cornerstone Ministries, OPVP and World Vision Inc.

Published April 2, 2017

GRAND PRAIRIE, TEXAS – On March 29, Vice President Jonathan Nez visited with World Vision Inc. to promote the partnership that they have with Cornerstone Ministries.

“On behalf of the President and I, we would like to say thank you to World Vision for partnering with Cornerstone Ministries,” said Vice President Nez. “Through your partnership with Cornerstone Ministries, we have been able to provide our community service projects with the supplies necessary make roof repairs for our elders and veterans in a timely manner.”

By promoting communalism within the nation, we are creating healthier communities and children, he said.

World Vision Inc. have seven warehouses strategically located in the United States. The warehouses are in Colorado, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington, and West Virginia.

“For thirteen years, we have partnered with World Vision. We as a ministry have been working to be more ‘Christ-like’ within the community,” said Pete Belone, Founder and CEO of Cornerstone Ministries.

“Even an apache nation is asking our organization how we are making a change within the community,” Bobby William, Chairman of Cornerstone Ministries Board.

Cornerstone Ministries is based in Smith Lake, N.M. Cornerstone Ministries has been around since 1993, it was incorporated in 2001.

World Vision Inc., a Christian humanitarian group, provides items to organizations, churches and schools all across the nation.

Through the partnership with World Vision Inc., Cornerstone Ministries has been able to help the Office of the President and Vice President organize community projects all over the Navajo Nation.

Through the efforts of volunteers and OPVP staff, roughly 13 families have received home repairs since the partnership started with Cornerstone Ministries.

“We want to thank World Vision Inc. again, for their willingness to help organizations and churches be the hands and feet of Christ by providing the supplies needed to complete the projects,” said Vice President Nez.

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