Navajo Nation President Begaye Congratulates NTEC Scholarship Recipients

President Russell Begaye poses with college and university students who received $1,000 scholarships from Navajo Transitional Energy Company.

Published August 5, 2018

FARMINGTON, N.M. —The future is bright with opportunities, President Russell Begaye told a group of college and university students who received scholarships from Navajo Transitional Energy Company on Thursday.

Thirty Navajo students studying in the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and math) received scholarships of $1,000 each from NTEC, a limited liability company owned by the Navajo Nation. The scholarships will help ensure students finish their programs and are equipped with the skills and knowledge to contribute to some of today’s fastest-growing and most competitive industries.

“We have to have Navajos who are well-versed and educated in the STEM fields,” President Begaye told students and their families during a scholarship luncheon in Farmington. “We live in a world where things are happening quickly and technology is changing dramatically. Our students are moving at that same pace.”

President Begaye talked about the many opportunities for jobs in the STEM fields that are coming to the Navajo Nation. The Nation hopes to launch the first Native-owned Managed Care Organization this fall, and it also is negotiating with industries that would bring additive manufacturing, aeronautics and technological jobs to the reservation.

“We’re doing these things in order to bring our young people back,” he told students. “We’re raising this army of Navajo youth to take us very quickly into the future, to transform the Navajo Nation into something we’ve never dreamed of. You guys are going to do some great things. You’ll develop things, invent things and see things that we could never imagine.”

Steve Grey, NTEC Governmental and External Affairs director, shared stories about growing up on the Navajo Nation and encouraged students to be proud of their roots.

“We want all of you to succeed,” he said.

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