Navajo Nation President Applauds Confirmation of New Board Members of NHA – Urges Transparency

Newly appointed NHA Board Members Kris Beecher and Derrith Watchman-Moore.

Published May 30, 2017

WINDOW ROCK – On May 26, President Begaye applauds the newly appointed board of directors for the Navajo Housing Authority.

“Housing on the Navajo Nation is one of the most important and pressing problems we face today. We now have the opportunity to build new homes for many of our families who are without homes or live without access to running water and electricity,” said President Begaye. “I appreciate working with the Navajo Nation Council to select a new and qualified board that will demand accountability of NHA management. I thank you all for your support on this effort that began at the Spring Council Session. I also thank Council Delegate Jonathan Perry for sponsoring these confirmations.”

Sean McCabe was confirmed by a vote of 18 yay and zero opposed to offer his expertise as the Certified Public Accountant on the NHA Board of Directors. McCabe is a Certified Public Accountant and owns a CPA firm in Albuquerque, N.M. In 2011, McCabe served as the Chairman of the Navajo Gaming Board.

“I’d like to thank the committee for having me here today and for considering this legislation. i’m glad to be back on the Navajo Nation and serving my people. That has always been my goal. I know many of you and have worked with some of you,” said McCabe.

Derrith Watchman-Moore was confirmed to serve on the board by a vote of 15 yay and zero opposed to offer her expertise in business management on the NHA Board of Directors.

“I am happy to be here and I am committed to working for the people and the job that I have been tasked to do. Through various experiences at the state and federal level, it has come full circle and I am grateful to come back to the Navajo Nation,” said Watchman-Moore.

Accountability and responsibility comes with owning a home, it will be our job as NHA Board members to ensure we educate home owners so that the homes last, said Watchman-Moore.

Kris Beecher was confirmed to serve on the board by a vote of 15 yay and zero opposed as the Tenant and Homebuyer representative.

“I will represent this board well to the best of my ability. I am honored to come back and serve my people. Navajo fundamental law and principals is important to me and how I achieve success. I will continue to fight for efficiency and accountability,” said Beecher.

Through the collaboration of the Office of the President and Vice President and Council 44 people were interviewed for the positions on the board.

“Our interview process is to ensure a high standard and bring back credibility to the board. We have carefully appointed individuals in each position to ensure the board moves forward to affect positive change,” said Karis Begaye, OPVP legal counsel.

The fourth appointment for the NHA board will be sent to the Resources and Development Committee on Tues., May 30. Interviews for the fifth position will continue on Tues., May 30. The NHA board now has a quorum and is ready to start making progressive change within NHA.

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