Navajo Multimedia Documentarian Seeks Funds for “Real NDNZ in Hollywood” Film Project

Project to Explore young American Indians living in Southern California today

Project to Explore young American Indians living in Southern California today

Published October 17, 2015

LOS ANGELES — Pamela J. Peters is an award-winning Navajo filmmaker and photographer who blends an Indigenous aesthetic with a focus on contemporary, realistic, culture-driven stories in her work.

Peters has launched the second installment to her critically acclaimed “Exiled NDNZ” series that documents Native American tribal members living in Los Angeles, California. Her current multimedia project is entitled “Real NDNZ in Hollywood” that will capture young Native tribal members living in Los Angeles pursuing careers within the field of entertainment.

Peters’ multimedia project will include a photography essay along with video interviews of five young Native Americans pursuing careers in film and television as actors, musicians or filmmakers. Viewers will catch a glimpse of a day in the life of young Natives pursing their dreams to work in the entertainment field while they continue to retain their cultural connection to their tribal identity and combat the idea of the static, stereotypical Indian portrayed so pervasively in all media.

As a storyteller, Peters’ develops photographic narratives that illustrate the real stories of American Indians within their communities. Her goal is to represent the beauty and complexity of their lives in their personal settings, and to humanize them in a way rarely done in mass media. Through her work, she intends to re-appropriate harmful stereotypes and share contemporary Indigenous stories to society.

Peters is seeking $2,500 for production. Funds will go towards studio rental, lighting and camera rental, hiring a video photographer, makeup artist, wardrobe, stylist and editor.  All photos will be documented by Peters.  Additionally, Peters has a tentative art gallery that will showcase the project when completed in Spring 2016. Ms. Peters’ crowd-funding campaign can be found at .

By your donation, you will help in the production to showcase a neorealist portrait of Native tribal members in Los Angeles. All donors have the opportunity to have their names attached to the project and will help push the conventions of American Indian Narratives. More photography work can be found at www.tachiiniiphotography and

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