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When President Obama was in Alaska, Sophie Woods (teacher) told the President and the crowd “that the native language (YUP’IK) is disappearing.” (Alaska Public media That is exactly why Arthur Jacobs created an online language educational game, to save native languages.

Because of Arthur’s relationship to the Lakota people (adopted by Leonard Crowdog), he made his first game in Lakota. Arthur wants to acknowledge the help he received in getting words for the educational game from the Lakota Language Consortium

The female voice in the game is Celeste Terry (Lakota). She created the website Thinking Indigenous as part of the White House, Gen-I initiative. Currently she is taking applications for the Thinking Indigenous Youth Council Officers – Board of Directors (ages 18-25). If interested please contact her

Arthur met Celeste at the White House Tribal Youth Gathering, and since then Celeste, her Mother and auntie (who both are fluent Lakota speakers, her auntie even works for the Lakota Language Consortium) all worked together to make recordings for the language game.

Communication is crucial for maintaining community. Language in all of its forms (spoken, dance, etc.), is the thread that weaves us together. Without it, the fabric is unwoven and culture disappears.

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