Native Health Insurance Expert to American Indian Chamber: Trump Brings Opportunities to Indian Country

Robert Weaver

Published January 21, 2017

TULSA — The American Indian Chamber of Commerce addressed members’ concerns about healthcare reform by hosting Robert Weaver as their guest speaker on Thursday, the eve of the presidential inauguration. Weaver’s message was one of unification and new opportunity for Indian Country.

Weaver, an enrolled member of the Quapaw Tribe, is a nationally respected expert on health insurance and employee benefits. He spoke about the partisan division within the country, but urged everyone, especially native people, to unite behind the office of the President.

“Some people act like the sky is falling but this actually is a very exciting time, especially for Indian Country. The sun is still shining and it will shine very brightly on Oklahoma and native people due the President’s nominees from our state,” Weaver said.

He believes the new administration could bring opportunity to Indian Country due to the president’s selection of Oklahoma Congressman MarkWayne Mullin, who is Cherokee, to chair his Native American Coalition. Weaver, one of Mullin’s constituents, told the group he looked forward to working with him and encouraged the other business leaders to reach out to him as well.

“Since America’s inception, our native ancestors have searched for common ground with the federal government. Now, it’s our responsibility to continue that dialogue with this administration. Tribal leadership and members must unite and advocate for quality healthcare for our people,” Weaver said.

Weaver is well-known and respected throughout Indian Country as a staunch advocate for natives’ health and wellness.

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