Native Group Protests Maine’s Attempts to Strip the Penobscot Nation of Their Ancestral Waterways Rights

Native Americans and allies protest last night

Native Americans and allies protest last night

Published September 29, 2015

PORTLAND, MAINE — Last night, Monday, September 28, a small group of Native people and a large group of allies came together to speak out against the perpetuation of oppressive and genocidal acts against Maine’s Native peoples. They showed up outside the University of Southern Maine’s Portland campus.

Sherrii Mitchell 915Specifically, the group came to challenge the State of Maine’s current attempts to strip the Penobscot Nation of their ancestral rights to their waterways.

The Maine Historical Society held an award ceremony naming Maine’s Attorney General a “history maker.” The group disagreed. Mills is not a history maker, she is simply a repeater of the worst historical practices of conquest, having spent her time in office continuing a long history of legal attacks against the rights of native peoples. She has led the state in a series of attacks geared toward diminishing tribal rights and undermining tribal sovereignty.

The group held an alternative awards ceremony outside the event and in the lobby, giving Mills a “Dishonorable History Taker Award” for her perpetuation of colonial practices and her many other disgraceful actions.

Brochures were handed out at the door so that the attendees could be educated as to the realty of how the state is treating the Penobscot Nation.


Editor’s Note: Sherri Mitchell contributed to this story from Portland, Maine.

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