Native American Student Organization Demands on Eastern Michigan University to Retire the Hurons Name

Even though Eastern Michigan University did away with Hurons name in 1991, the band brought back the Hurons logo in 2012

Even though Eastern Michigan University did away with Hurons name in 1991, the band brought back the Hurons logo in 2012

Eastern Michigan University Ranks #682 in ethnic diversity nationwide; yet still wants to use Hurons name

YPSILANTI, MICHIGAN — Eastern Michigan University’s Native American Student Organization (NASO) is demanding the state institution to stop using the Hurons name.

The demand comes on the heels of a racially-charged incident involving a group of drunk students “playing Indian” at a weekend party earlier this month where an American Indian man was accosted when an unopened can of beer was thrown at him and hit him in the chest.

The students were reportedly dressed in fake American Indian attire and with their faces painted red.

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The incident is under investigation by the Ypsilanti Police Department and Eastern Michigan University Police Department.

Red Face is RacismThe Native American Student Organization will hold a press conference, called “Red Face is Racism: NASO Speaks,” at the Eastern Michigan University’s Student Center on Wednesday, April 22, 2105, at 3:00 p.m. The student organization will be joined by Idle No More – Michigan Chapter, American Indian community members and allies.

Eastern Michigan University used the “Hurons” name and American Indian logo from 1929 until the early 1991. The state university dropped the Hurons name after much resistance of its use from American Indians. The university now uses the Eagles name. Two years ago, the Hurons logo was resurrected when the band put the logo on its band uniforms.

Eastern Michigan University has a student population of approximately 19,000 students of which only around 200 identify as American Indian or Alaska Native. The College Factual website ranks Eastern Michigan University #682 in ethnic diversity nationwide. The Native student population at Eastern Michigan University is so insignificant, the pie chart on the website does not even show them among others listed.

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