Native American-Owned Security Firm Hosts Inaugural Tribal Security Professionals Conference

Published April 20, 2018

ALBUQUERQUE — Looking to share best practices and assist in collaborations between tribal human resource departments and background investigators, a Native American-owned security firm will host the inaugural indigenous security professionals conference on April 27-28 at the Albuquerque Marriott Pyramid.

Personnel Security Consultants, Inc. (PSC), a longtime training and employee background screening company, organized the Indian Country Security Professional Conference to help tribes and tribal organizations collectively find resources to meet federal hiring provisions. The Indian Child Protection and Family Violence Prevention, the Tribal Law and Order, and the Native American Child Care acts all require background investigations for employees, contractors, volunteers, foster parents, and anyone who works with or has contact with Native American children.

Many tribes have met the minimum requirements under these acts but are now asking how to expand these protections to their elders, citizens with special needs, natural resources, intellectual property and other vital assets, said Michele Justice (Navajo), PSC President and CEO.

“They also want to have a single source for resources, a place to go to for certifications and ongoing training to bring their policies to that next level of security and professionalism,” Justice said, adding that she continually receives questions from tribes on what other nations are doing. While the federal government has issued employee hiring requirements, there is no community of experts, technical assistance or specific guidelines for tribes to meet the requirements under the acts.

“Our primary goal will be to create an Indian Country Security Professionals Association with feedback from this event to help tribes streamline the hiring process, save time and money while further adding protections for their communities,” she said.

Human resource professionals, background investigators, application adjudicators, fingerprint technicians and support personnel will also discuss creating a universal, Indian Country-wide system for employee background checks, certification for training and policy development during the conference.

Tal Moore, past president and current board advisor for the National Native American Human Resources Association, will speak about creating a national organization and developing a certification process.

To register or to find out more about the inaugural Indian Country Security Professional Conference, go to

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