National Taco Day: Memories of a Great Indian Taco

Indian taco purchased at Dave's Burger at Jemez Pueblo

Indian taco purchased at Dave’s Burger at Jemez Pueblo


Published October 4, 2015

Today, Sunday, October 4, 2015, is National Taco Day. Tacos come in a variety of ways. You can get them with hard shells or soft shells. At many Mexican restaurants you can order ground beef, pork or even fish meat.

Across Indian Country, we are accustomed to Indian tacos that are made with ground beef, beans, lettuce, tomato and cheese on fry bread placed flat on a plate.

It is usually the sheer aroma of the ingredients in the air along the powwow trail that gets me over to a food booth to buy one. Visiting a powwow is not really complete until you sit down and enjoy a delicious Indian taco.  

Just the aroma of fry bread being cooked and the seasoning of the Mexican-style taco meat combined makes me think about happy powwow experiences.

I frequent powwows in Michigan, the state where I reside, and I have come to know develop favorite booths on the powwow trail to purchase an Indian taco lunch.

Covering news in Indian Country affords me the opportunity to taste test different Indian tacos in different locations in the country. I find the quailty of the fry bread typically dictates whether or not I will ultimately enjoy the Indian taco.

Sometimes, it life you discover something good when you least expect it. Such was the case of finding a great memorable Indian taco.

It came when I stopped by Dave’s Burger (believe it or not)  at the Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico. I had just finished a meeting at the Jemez Pueblo Vocational Rehabilitation Project that ran past the noon hour. Hungry, and not really knowing where to eat on the pueblo, I took drove my rental car down the road to find a restaurant. I was hungry! It was the last Friday of February and snowing like crazy, but I was hopeful.

Not far down the road, I saw Dave’s Burger joint, which is a walk-up stand with picnic tables for its guests to use on day when it was warmer and not snowing.

The menu’s obvious option was a burger. But, I saw they had Indian tacos on the menu as well. Actually, I think I got a whiff of the aroma first – fry bread and seasoned ground beef.

The choice was simple: I bought the Indian taco. It was huge, fresh and hot. A tad hard to eat in the rental car, but worth it.

Now, I am not a restaurant reviewer, but I will say it was perhaps the best Indian taco I have eaten this year. I am still trying to determine if it was that I was so hungry or it was just that outstanding – or a combination thereof.

The clue may lie in the fact it is the only photo I took of an Indian taco all year. I thought of Dave’s Burger when I found out today is National Taco Day and I went to my i-Phone to see if I still had the photo.

I did and will give a shout out to Dave’s Burger for one great Indian taco.



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