NAISA Asks For Natives to Make Their Voices Heard at Public Forum

EVANSTON, ILLINOIS – On Tuesday, March 4, there will be an open public forum provided by Northwestern University’s Native American and Indigenous Student Alliance (NAISA) to discuss the development oNorthwestern Studentsf a Northwestern Native American Studies program and how to improve the school’s overall relationship with Natives.

A similar open forum was held last Fall by the John Evans Research Committee and NAISA to address a petition for the school to recognize the disturbing history behind of the its co-founders, John Evans who is also responsible for Evanston’s name.

John Evans was one of the first contributors to aid the university financially and helped secure land just north of Chicago. He was an abolitionist, Chicago alderman, a physician, and served as a territorial governor of Colorado during the Civil War. It was there that Evan’s is believed to have direct involvement in the Sandy Creek Massacre of 1864 and ordered the killing of 100 Cheyenne and Arapaho people, mostly women and children.

NAISA has demanded that the university recognizes Evans’ violent past and the sub-sequential wealth from financing railroads in Colorado while still making financial contributions to the university.

Northwestern University has a long-standing history in Illinois, having been established in 1851, and is one of the top-rated and respected universities in America. In January, NU celebrated its 162nd anniversary of its founding charter.

As opposed to a typical panel led forum, students of the NAISA will facilitate an open dialogue between attendees. Equal time and opportunities will be given to those who want their opinions heard while respecting a collaborative environment.

Members of the Chicago Native community and Native organizations have been requested to participate and show their support in the helping to make one of its universities even better than what it is now.


Community Forum – open to the public


Tuesday, March 4 at 5 pm


Northwestern’s Evanston Campus in Harris Hall – Room 107

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