Motion for Order to Show Caused Filed in San Juan County, Utah Redistricting Case

Published June 16, 2018

ST. MICHAELS, NAVAJO NATION  – On Tuesday, June 12, 2018, Maynes, Bradford, Shipps & Sheftel, LLP filed a motion for an order to show cause in the Navajo Nation vs San Juan County redistricting case. The attorneys for Plaintiffs, Tommy Rock, Wilford Jones, Harrison Hudgins, Lorena Atene, Elsie Billie and Herman Farley (“Individual Plaintiffs”) filed a motion for the temporary reopening of the Navajo Nation vs. San Juan County redistricting case, to request a hearing for an order to show cause, arguing that the County is violating the Judgment in the case by failing to properly assign up to 2000 Navajo voters to precincts under the courtordered redistricting plans.

Leonard Gorman, Executive Director for Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission states, “while it is important to recognize that the U.S. federal district court ruled in favor of the Navajo Nation, we also need to recognize that it is the same players that refused to lawfully redistrict the school board and county commission election districts that are at the helm of executing the judge’s order. In other words, the fox is managing the hen house.” In the summer of 2011, Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission submitted are districting map to update the San Juan County Utah commission election districts, which have not be updated since 1984.

The Order to show cause calls for San Juan County and Clerk/Auditor John David Nielsen to appear in court to explain why the County should not be held in contempt by failing comply with the December 21, 2017, the Judgement in the redistricting case.

For more information contact the Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission at 928-871-7436.

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