Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier – Modern-day Bull Conner – Receives North Dakota Newspaper Honor

Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier

Published January 2, 2017

BISMARCK, NORTH DAKOTA – The Bismarck Tribune handed honored Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier yesterday with a 2016 Tribune Award. The awards are given out annually for member of their community “who have gone beyond what’s expected.”

He is the same North Dakota sheriff, who has galvanized and led excessive force against water protectors at Standing Rock with excessive arrests. Among American Indians he has been compared to Theophilus Eugene “Bull” Conner, the 1960s commissioner of public safety for the city of Birmingham, Alabama, who used excessive force against African Americans during the civil rights movement. 

Kirchmeier, who has consistently presented fake scenarios to the local North Dakota media to sway public opinion in his direction, has gone beyond what’s expected…perhaps in the wrong way.

One notable false story put by Kirchmeier was when he initially denied water cannons were used against water protectors. When those who were there said the water cannons were used for at least five hours. His department then changed their story to say water cannons were brought in to put out fires that water protectors had started, which was another false story.

Nominations for the annual Tribune Awards come from the newspaper’s editors, reporter and the general public.

Here is what the Bismarck Tribune said about Kirchmeier:

“After long hours on the job responding to a protest movement virtually unprecedented in the state’s history, several area residents say Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier is more than deserving of recognition in this year’s Tribune Awards.

Kirchmeier, 53, has spent his entire career in law enforcement. He was elected sheriff in 2014; prior to that he spent 28 years with the North Dakota Highway Patrol, earning the rank of captain.

Kirchmeier’s department, along with law enforcement from across the state and out-of-state officers, have responded to Dakota Access Pipeline protesters who have been camping for their cause in southern Morton County for months.

Law enforcement has worked overtime monitoring protest activities against the four-state, $3.8 billion pipeline project, which has drawn international attention, led to hundreds of arrests and led to millions in law enforcement spending since August.

For this, members of the public say they’re grateful for public servants as dedicated as Kirchmeier.”

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