“Mino Bimaadiziwin”is Hosting a Casting Call for Short Film

Published April 17, 2017

GRAND RAPIDS – “Mino Bimaadiziwin” is a short film is about an Anishinaabe man living in the city who reconnects with his culture after a chance meeting with an Anishinaabe woman passing through town.

The short film will shot in Grand Rapids, Michigan from June 8 – 12, 2017. A casting call is now being hosted to support the two main characters for “Mino Bimaadiziwin.”

The two characters are:


Jim Asiginaak is an Anishinaabe man in his late twenties. He is what some consider an “urban Native” and has drifted from his culture. He feels like an outsider to both the white and Native community. He is a loner, timid and tries to avoid conflict.


Bangishimogikwe is an Anishinaabe woman in her late twenties. She was raised by traditional Anishinaabe parents and activists. She is an activist herself and dedicates her time to decolonization. She is always full of energy, confident, strong and is not afraid to physically fight any racist who crosses her path.


Writer/Director: Shane McSauby

Producer: Carese Bartlett

Travel, lodging and meals will be  provided. There is a small budget and it is funded through the Native Artist’s Lab at the Sundance Institute. The producer and director are looking specifically for Native American/First Nations actors for both of these roles. The producer and director request no other submissions.

Please submit a resume, headshot and a reel or samples of your work to mino.film1@gmail.com. Must be able to work in the United States. This is a SAG production.






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