Michigan Filmmaker to Include American Indian Theme in “Urban Myths” Movie


DETROIT— An under-development full-feature independent film, entitled “Urban Myths,” is looking to work closely with American Indian elders in Michigan to ensure the authenticity of the scenes.

The film, slated for release this fall, deals with a group of high school seniors who on a spring break camping trip explore myths they learned from a teacher. The seniors disappear as they come across an American Indian burial ground.

Kim Marie and Shiloh

Kim Marie and Shiloh

“Urban Myths” central star is a half-arctic/half-grey wolf named Shiloh. The movie film also stars Lou Ferrigno Jr. as Mr. Mandl, a high school teacher. He is the son of bodybuilder turned actor Lou Ferrigno, who played “The Incredible Hulk” in the CBS show.

The core theme of “Urban Myths” is the American Indian legend about how the battle between right and wrong is compared to two wolves inside an individual fighting to become manifested. One is a good wolf; the other represents bad.

It is up the individual to ensure the good wolf is fed.

In addition to Shiloh, animal spirit totems are used as metaphors throughout “Urban Myths.”

“Urban Myths” is the brainchild of Kim Marie, a former police officer who left Michigan to study film in Los Angeles. She serves as writer, producer and director to her film. “Urban Myths” is being made by Marie’s company, Mirror Dog Productions.

“Through many cultures, religions and spiritual beliefs, animals have played a significant role as teachers,” commented Marie.

“Mirror Dog Productions is reaching out to the Indigenous community for elders to step up and help guide with feedback so that this production and productions scheduled to follow, truly represent and help unite all of us and to keep creating more stories like this that can make a difference in our world,” said Marie.

Mirror Dog Productions will be casting local Michigan American Indian talent to be part of “Urban Myths.”

To lend your support or comments, please contact Mirror Dog Productions through its webiste: http://www.mirrordogproductions.com/






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