Mayor, County, and Tribal Recognition Day for National Service

Published April 4, 2017

Something extraordinary is happening.  

In large cities, small towns, rural counties, and tribal communities across America, more than 4,520 local leaders — representing more than 194 million Americans — will unite behind a single issue: national service. These officials will take a moment to say “Thank you!” to the everyday heroes doing extraordinary things in their community and across the nation.

They will pay tribute to the passionate, dedicated men and women who serve in Senior Corps and AmeriCorps, working to build a safer, stronger, healthier, and more united America. And, they will ask more people to join them by pledging to “get things done” for America.

Thank you for helping build such strong momentum for Mayor, County, and Tribal Recognition Day for National Service!  We hope you will attend events, thank your local leaders, and amplify the day via social media.

Don’t forget: 

  • Share our graphic on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Use the #Mayor4Service, #County4Service, or #Tribe4Service hashtags on any posts for the day.

  • Take a photo with your members and your mayor, county official, or tribal leader and upload it to any of your social media accounts using those hashtags.

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