Mark De Anda on Longest Walk 5 Shares His Knowledge with the DeChilly Family


Sarah Autumn DeChilly, Mark De Anda, Blu Sky DeChilly (left to right)

MONTGOMERY – The Longest Walk V – War on Drugs and Domestic Violence is on it’s way to Washington D.C. Mark De Anda is a Pomo walker, from Big Valley (Mission Rancheria) . He creates all sorts of Indian arts and crafts, specializing in beadwork. He started beading when he was 14 at Johnson O’Mally Summer Youth Program at the Intertribal Friendship House in Oakland, California in 1975. He has created cradleboards, six-way dream catchers (hoops inside hoops at 90 degree angles), custom fit moccasins, and other items. Mark has been beading for more than the last 40 years. He teaches a beading class at the Tulley Boat festival on his reservation. He has taught beading to students in  a Suicide Prevention class. Mark said he does this because it is “every beader’s dream to bring other beader’s into this world, I love teaching. Beading itself is soothing and brings me to another world where creativity is born.”

When there is downtime on the Longest Walk, Mark teaches people of all ages how to bead. He taught Sarah Autumn DeChilly and Blu Sky DeChilly Their Aunty Sheila DeChilly, who is blossoming into a leader on the Longest Walk 5, brought them on the walk because she wanted to show them the traditional way of  life.


Sarah Autumn DeChilly, Blu Sky DeChilly and Sheila DeChilly (l to r)

Blu said:

“Mark showed me how to make a necklace, and I felt very peaceful and my mind was not distracted by other things and I was focused just on the beading work.”

Sarah said:

“Mark showed me how to make a hair stick, I enjoyed taking the colors and putting it on the string and i got all the stuff in order to make it. I put all my effort in to it, and Mark pretty much made it easy for me. I liked it a lot.”


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