“Make America Native Again” Caps Available


Published July 3, 2016

ALBUQUERQUE — It is too late to get one before the Fourth of July, but you can order a “Make America Native Again” cap today to wear the rest of the presidential campaign season and beyond.

Ever since the Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump started touting his “Make America great again” slogan, there have been many American Indians who have swallowed hard to try to identify the era in American history Trump talking about in his stump speech.

Vanessa Brown

Vanessa Brown

Vanessa Bowen (Navajo), 31, from Albuquerque designed the “Make America Native Again” cap that brought to life what some American Indians were thinking. She made a dozen hats for her circle of friends and has gained national attention. Now she has a website she is using to sell her design on caps.

According to the website, “the design was built on satire to turn the conversation of making Donald Trump’s message of “Make America Great Again” in on itself.

“When Donald Trump says, ‘Make America Great Again,’ what time period is he talking about?” Bowen told ABC News. “A lot of people overlook that America’s history has been built upon injustice against other racial groups, including Native American people.”

Bowen’s hats are on sale on the website for $30.

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