Longest Walk 5 Welcomed in South Carolina by Native Southern Charm


HARDEEVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA – The Longest Walk 5 – War Against Drugs and Domestic Violence has made it to South Carolina as it continues its way to Washington, D.C.

Mike Benton , welcomed and fed the longest walkers at his restaurant La Botana, in Hardeeville, South Carolina. Mike was a Hardeeviile police officer for 25 year, but now is retired and is happy feeding the people.

Chief Harold “Buster” Hatcher, of the Waccamaw Tribe of South Carolina helped greet and serve the longest walkers.

“First I think the Longest Walk is a very worthwhile cause. I ‘m impressed with people who do things for other people. Nobody on this walk is gaining anything from it, except what they do to help somebody else. For me that speaks a heck of a lot for the heart of the people that are here.  If they’re willing to walk across this country, I can be willing to come down here and make sure they get fed.”

Chief Harold%22Bust%22 Hatcher

Chief Harold Buster Hatcher

Severl people, including Chief Michelle Wise Mitchum, Rebecca Pounds, Robert Johnson, III, Mike Benton, Chief Harold “Buster” Hatcher, Susan Hatcher, Rev. Cathy Nelson and Paul Carden, got involved helping, feeding and providing comfortable camping space.


Jerry Brown

Dr. Dewey Painter and Rev. Cathy Nelson

Dr. Dewey Painter and Rev. Cathy Nelson

Paul Master Chief

Paul Carden is a master chef.

Chief Michelle Wise Mitchum of the Pine Hill Indians , gifted the Longest Walk 5 with six dozen eggs. She brought the eggs and surprised the walkers when they arrived. During Longest Walk 3, in 2011, Dennis Banks said he was tired of fry bread (a very rare occurrence) and requested boiled eggs.  Chief Mitchum’s husband, Sheriff Deputy Jeff Mitchum, brought Longest Walk 3, eggs and cooked Banks and the long walkers.

Leonard Seabolt a walker in 2011, is again walking  on Longest Walk 5. He was pleasantly surprised when he reconnected with Chief Michelle Wise Mitchum. when she arrived at camp bearing eggs with her daughter and daughters boyfriend.

The Longest Walk 5 – War Against Drugs and Domestic Violence started in La Jolla, California in February of 2016


Leonard Seabolt, Chief Michelle Wise Mitchum, Rebecca and Rob Johnson

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