Locating a Lost Smartphone With or Without a Phone Locator App

Published December 1, 2017


“I have lost my smartphone!” What comes to your mind when you hear someone make that statement or when you imagine yourself in that person’s shoes?  To all modern phone owners, cloud of inconvenience rests over their heads imagining all the costs they will incur and the confusion the loss will bring to their lives.  But despite the ugly picture phone loss presents, people still lose phones. Despite all this, you do not have to worry since with modern technology you can reclaim your misplaced device easily. With a phone locator app or other embedded online methods, you can find your misplaced gadget easily.

In the remaining sections of this post, we shall look at some of the ways of locating a lost smartphone. As the post progresses, we will learn how to find lost smartphones irrespective of whether they run on Android, iOS, or Windows. Keep reading to learn more.

Locating a Windows Phone

Let us start our journey with Windows. These phones come with their native phone tracking capabilities. On the screen of your phone, go to its applications list from where you will scroll and choose its Settings. By scrolling down the Settings, you will arrive at its Privacy where you will find options for locating and finding the lost device. The locating option works by default while the find option will require you to open it. From there, it will be necessary to activate the option to that will allow for the saving of your phone’s location regularly and before the running out of its battery life for easier tracking.

Locating an Android Smartphone

Should you lose an Android smartphone, go to the Device Manager, also known as, Find My Device option. You may utilize this option online by visiting this link. When there, decide what happens to the device with three options to block, delete, or cause it to ring loudly even if it is locked. Should a person pick the phone and switch it off or its battery charge depletes, it is still possible to track it using its location history if you visit this link here and tap on Manage Activity beneath Location History. Here, you will see a map of all the locations the lost smartphone has been to during the entire history you specified.

Locating an iPhone

To locate a lost iPhone, go to Find My iPhone (assuming you had set it on you smartphone before losing it) and then enable it. Here, you will have a double way of locating the lost gadget where you may utilize the app on another iPhone or sign into your account using a browser. From there, you can select your iPhone since the app shows a map that details where it was last seen during a given period. Thereafter, the app also gives a choice to delete all content, ring the phone’s alarm, or block it.

Use a Phone Locating App

If you do not want to use any of the three native methods found in Android, Windows, and iOS, can opt for a dedicated application. You can search the Net for the best ones that suit your needs because the market has numerous of them.

Losing a smartphone should not worry you any longer. With all the options for locating phones set before your eyes, the ball is now in your court to choose what works best for you should you lose one.

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