Local Businesses in Cherokee Nation’s Capital City Refuse to Accept Cherokee Nation ID’s

Published May 21, 2017

TAHLEQUAH – Social media has been busy this weekend with the story out of Tahleqauh, Oklahoma, the Cherokee Nation’s capital, that local businesses posted signs informing Cherokee Nation citizens that their tribal identification cards were not accepted.

Cherokee Nation citizens have taken to social media to complain that local convenience stores and other businesses will not accept tribal cards as a form of identification.

The Tahlequah Daily Press reports that local EZ Mart stores will not accept the tribal identification cards, stating “Cherokee Nation IDs will not be accepted.” The sign also indicates EZ Mart requires state-issued identification or driver’s licenses.

According to many observers, the sign was originally in a window at the EZ Mart on Downing Street, one of three locations in Tahlequah. The sign in question has since been removed, at least temporarily, and the manager has declined to comment.

The corporate offices of EZ Mart had not responded to queries by press time.

The Buffalo Wild Wings and Ned’s, a local bar, in Tahlequah also refuse to accept the Cherokee Nation’s tribal identificaion card.

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