“The Late Show” Host Stephen Colbert Pokes Fun at ‘Racist’ City Seal

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Published January 15, 2016

NEW YORK–Just two days after the small village of Whitesboro, New York voted 155-57 to keep their “racist” seal that depicts a white settler choking an American Indian man, “The Late Show” host Stephen Colbert poked fun at small community that is located 52 miles east of Syracuse.

“All right, let’s not overreact. Maybe… it’s not like he symbolically stands for all white guys. What’s the name of the guy being depicted on the seal?” Colbert asks on Wednesday night’s show.

Up on the screen comes Hugh White’s name. The name of the so-called founder of the town.

“All right, but what’s the context here?” Colbert wants to know. “It’s not like it’s the official seal of Whitesville or Whitesylvania or something. What’s the town name?”

Up on the screen comes the seal with the village’s name of Whitesboro.

“Wow,” Colbert quips. “That’s a pretty white name. That is the whitest name for a town next to Pleated Khakis, Wyoming.”

“Maybe we’re misinterpreting it,” Colbert then says. “I mean, who are we to judge what two consenting men do on a town seal? Maybe Hugh White and his shirtless native companion were into sensual role play. I’m sure the Indian had a safe word. I’m guessing something like, ‘Please take all my land.'”

Village officials maintain the seal simply is showing a non-Native wrestling with an Oneida man. American Indians around the country have deemed the seal racist and want it replaced.

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