Large Protests Take Place Outside of Gov. Brown’s Global Climate Action Summit

Published September 13, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO  — A large group of American Indians joined thousands of other protestors outside the Global Climate Action Summit conducted by California Gov. Jerry Brown on Thursday in downtown San Francisco.

Many American Indians have opposed Gov. Brown’s environmental policies he has signed off on since serving as governor of the nation’s most populated state. As governor, Brown has been accused of playing a “cap and trade” game, where caps or limits are put on pollution, but the abuser can simply pay a fine to pollute or use dirty oil.

Pennie Opal Plant

This is in contrast to feelings Native people felt for Brown during his first stint as governor in the 1970s. Back then Gov. Brown granted asylum for American Indian Movement leader, Dennis Banks, who was fleeing criminal prosecution in South Dakota for his role in the Custer, South Dakota riot that occured in early 1973, weeks before the Wounded Knee occupation, which Banks led with Clyde Bellecourt and Russell Means.

Now, American Indians ask: “What happened to Governor Brown?” The American Indian community wants Brown to show respect for people and the unborn by implementing better environmental policies.

Thursday’s march began at the Jewish Museum. Among those in the large crowd was Amy Goodman, who reported for Democracy Now. American Indians from the Dakotas, Oklahoma, Neveda and other parts of California were present to show their opposition to Gov. Brown’s environmental policies.


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