“Kiitistsinnoniks” (Our Mothers) Premieres October 24 – 26 in Calgary

Published October 20, 2018

CALGARY, ALBERTA — As with all Making Treaty 7 performances, the new production of Kiitistsinnoniks (our mothers) is grounded in First Nations’ oral tradition. In another first, this fall the society hosted a gathering Elders, but this time it was all female Elders. These powerful ladies from the various Treaty 7 nations honoured the artists and each other with their stories. These stories of hope, resilience, and culture had never been heard before, and they inspired the artists for this show.

The world premiere of Kiitistsinnoniks (our mothers) will take place on October 24, 25, and 26 at the Martha Cohen Theatre at the Arts Commons building in downtown Calgary. Tickets are available at Arts Commons.
After that retreat, the all-female cast and crew started the creative process. Many of them shared stories of their personal experiences and worked together to find the collective through-line.
Artistic Director Justin Many Fingers says the society believes its important for women to develop and mold the narrative of this performance, which is why we have gathered an all female cast and crew. He also says that “We’re proud of the emotionally difficult work undertaken by all the cast and crew, and we are honoured to have Alanis King directing this performance as she is an extraordinary voice in Canadian theatre.” Our four talented performers include (in alphabetical order) Alanna Bluebird Onespot, Deedra Ladouceur, Elizabeth Ferguson-breaker, and Stacy da Silva.
At the heart of this new production is our acknowledgement of the emotional devastation felt across all sections of society about the fact that many Indigenous women are missing or have been murdered. The facts around that crisis are staggering, and it is an issue that will not be solved overnight. We hope that by sharing these stories, that there will be more discussions about past and current perceptions about women. We support all initiatives undertaken by all members of society to move in the direction of peace and understanding. We invite you to hear our stories.

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