Keeping Them Honest: Photographs Misidentified – Police Did Not Burn Standing Rock Tepees

Fake photos claim police raided Standing Rock camp and began to burn tepees.

Published February 2, 2017

CANNON BALL, NORTH DAKOTA – The above photo made its rounds on social media Wednesday night. It was posted on a website with the headline “Police raid Standing Rock Camp, destroy tipis and are burning what remains.”

Even there was strong militarized police presence on Wednesday which resulted in 76 water protectors arrested, the police did not set fire to the tepees.


From HBO’s “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee”

The photograph appears to have been taken from a scene from HBO’s 2007 “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee.” In the movie General Mills burned Sitting Bull’s tepees.

In the age of fake news that makes it way onto the internet and social media, Native News Online likes to keep them honest. With tensions running high between water protectors and law enforcement, fake news should be called out so truth wins over fake news.




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