“Journey Home” Announced as Finalist in the Fall 2016 Roy W. Dean Film Grant

A Native American perspective about our sacred connections with the Earth

Published December 19, 2016

WASHINGTON – The Fall 2016 finalists for the prestigious Roy W. Dean film development grant have been announced with “Journey Home” feature film screenplay selected from a very competitive field of applications. Entrants must demonstrate that their film will make a positive contribution to society. Producers and “Journey Home” writers, Mark O’Brien and Joëlle Hervic of Human Dimensions TV commented on the news: “Being a finalist for “Journey Home” means a great deal to us. We have been inspired to write “Journey Home” to return to indigenous knowledge – to the original custodians of the Earth – to light the way forward for a return to respecting the Earth – and to respecting all life on Earth – and understanding that we are a part of nature.“

Many scenes depicted in “Journey Home” are unfolding today – including at Standing Rock where the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe are opposed to the Dakota Access Pipeline and are protecting water and land.

Gary Dorr

Nez Perce Consultant and Activist, Gary Dorr, who went to Standing Rock in support of the Sioux – has assisted in developing the script and advising on cultural accuracy – said ““Journey Home” is divinely inspired and prophetic. The story of “Journey Home” is about the universal truth: Greed can’t replace our water and everything else we need to survive. It is a story that must be told. Our future depends on it.”

Joëlle Hervic said, “Journey Home” inspires us all to be warriors for the Earth. The Earth does not need us. We need the Earth.” The grant winner is expected to be announced in early 2017.

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