InTerra Nutraceutical’s Therapeutic Joint & Muscle Lotion Brings Relief through All-Natural Ingredients

Published August 13, 2018

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. — “InTerra” means of the Earth. For centuries, American Indians have known Mother Earth provides natural ingredients. So, when the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians purchased Cerise Nutraceuticals and sought to rebrand its nutraceutical products, the company was aptly renamed InTerra Nutraceuticals because the company only uses natural ingredients in its products. InTerra Nutraceuticals is committed to make all-natural, scientifically proven health and wellness products that deliver a variety of benefits for people who want to enjoy active lifestyles.

One of InTerra Nutraceuticals best-selling products is its Therapeutic Joint & Muscle Lotion.

The popularity of this lotion comes becomes because the Therapeutic Joint & Muscle Lotion’s active all-natural ingredients. Scented with a slight eucalyptus aroma, some of the treatment benefits of the Therapeutic Joint & Muscle Lotion come from its special formulation that includes emu/kalaya oil – high in Omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids that provide 50 percent more anti-inflammatory properties and 100 percent natural tart cherry concentrate packed with antioxidants.

In recent years, there has been recognition of positive health benefits from tart red cherries because they are rich in natural painkillers and powerful antioxidants.

Human beings feel pain in their bodies for a variety of reasons. Muscle soreness or pain can occur for overexertion at the gym. Individuals afflicted with arthritis experience joint pain. Severe illness, such as cancer, bring on acute pain.

From the slightest pain to the most severe, human beings desire relief. InTerra’s Therapeutic Joint & Muscle Lotion has proven to be effective in easing pain and safe to use.

Cancer Patients

Recently, InTerra Nutraceuticals received the following testimonial from a regular customer whose husband suffers from pancreatic cancer:

“My husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in December of 2017 and began chemo treatments in March of this year. Shortly after the treatments began he started to experience bad muscle aches in his back and his knees. We purchased several different products to help with it, but they were all to no avail. When InTerra introduced the Therapeutic Joint & Muscle Lotion I purchased for my husband to try it. I must say, within a few days of using it, he began to feel relief from the muscle aches and to this day he is a believer in the benefits.”

Beyond this personal testimony, one retail shop that specializes in post-mastectomy care, Beautifully Unique-Women’s Specialty Boutique sells InTerra’s Therapeutic Joint & Muscle Lotion, which is the most popular InTerra Nutraceuticals product sold there.

“Our customers have been raving about the Therapeutic Joint & Muscle lotion—simply because it works!” says the boutique owner Helena Borski.

Arthritis Pain Relief

Users of Therapeutic Joint & Muscle lotion find relief from arthritis pain. One customer comments:

“I just want to say what a great product! I use it anytime I’m in pain from arthritis it helps considerably and would recommend it to anyone dealing with pain and is a natural way to help with pain It is VERY effective. I just love it!

Muscle pain may come from a variety of reasons. Common causes include tension, stress, overexertion and minor injuries. Typically, this type of pain is generally localized, which affect a few muscles or a small portion of your body.

“I use it any time I feel pain in my muscles I think the Therapeutic Joint and Muscle lotion is awesome and I would recommend them to anyone who has pain,” says one regular user of the lotion.

“Therapeutic Joint & Muscle Lotion is a game changer! Used for a number of common issues, like swelling, inflammation, shingles, bug bites, poison ivy, and psoriasis (just to name a few), this stuff works wonders,” comments Mariah Laure from Beautifully Unique-Women’s Specialty Boutique.

Other Ailments

In addition to the aforementioned reasons people use Therapeutic Joint & Muscle Lotion, the product has been known to give relief for lower back pain, neck pain, sciatica pain, shoulder pain and carpal tunnel pain.

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Therapeutic Joint & Muscle Lotion is for external use only. The statements in this article have not been evaluated by the US Food & Drug Administration. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease. The product has not been tested on animals. Therapeutic Joint & Muscle Lotion is sold in in 3 fl. oz (11.72 ml) tubes.

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