Interior Secretary Jewell Announces Congressional Funding for New Facilities at Cover Day School

Cove School edPublished January 15, 2016

RED VALLEY, ARIZONA—U.S. Secretary of Interior Sally Jewell traveled to Red Valley, Arizona today to announce that Cove Day School would receive a new facility through funds appropriated by Congress.

Secretary Jewell today said that $45 million has been appropriated to fund the final two Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) school construction projects identified in 2004 as having the greatest need for replacement. The other school to be reconstructed is the Little Singer Community School near Birdsprings, Arizona.

“The Cove Day School was on a list from 2004 but there was never enough funding provided to get to it,” she said. “This is what we hope will be a part of an ongoing process to do a better job of upholding our treaty obligations to tribes.”

The school was built in 1959 and although the outside might not look bad, the infrastructure is crumbling and the teacher housing is inadequate.

“The number of students attending the school has dropped significantly from it’s peak.  So a new school building will help facilitate an environment conducive to learning.”

Navajo Nation Vice President Jonathan Nez thanked Secretary Jewell for personally traveling to the Navajo Nation to announce the funding awarded for a new school and teacher housing. He said that both he and President Begaye view education as being key to empowering Navajo youth and communities.

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