Indigenous Comic News: Indigenous Narratives Collectives & Native Realities Press Release Captain Paiute and Deer Woman

incPublished November 10, 2015

On November 9th, Indigenous Narratives Collectives and Native Realities Press announced the release of two long-awaited comics, Captain Paiute and Deer Woman. So, head on over to Native Realities to order your copies and support Indigenous Comic Creators.

Captain Paiute: Indigenous Defender of the Southwest #1

Written and illustrated by Theo Tso, Captain Paiute #1 follows the origin of Captain Paiute from a mild mannered college student to an Indigenous Superhero! There are only 1000 print copies available

Deer Woman: A Vignette

Based on the true stories of Indigenous women throughout the world, Deer Woman: A Vignette, is a powerful expression of empowerment and survivance!  Written by Elizabeth LaPensée, edited by Allie Vasquez and illustrated by Jonathan R. Thunder, this digital comic weaves the stories of Deer Woman into a modern narrative of the struggles of Indigenous women in North America.

The comic features and self-defense techniques from The Arming Sisters and a powerful introduction from the author; this comic should be read by all who care about the experience of Indigenous women throughout the world!  Additionally $1 from each sale will go toward The Arming Sisters and their ongoing work!

Editor’s Note: This article first appeared in A Tribe Called Geek. Used with persmission. All rights reserved.

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