Incoming Navajo Nation Administration Seeks Strong Working Relationships with Incoming Arizona Senators

Martha McSally (left) was appointed to fill a Senate seat vacated by Sen. Jon Kyl and Senator-elect Kyrsten Sinema (right) will represent Arizona in the U.S. Senate. In this photo, they were debating one another during the midterm general election.

Published December 19, 2018

WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. — With Tuesday’s announcement that Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has appointed Congresswoman Martha McSally to fill the Senate seat currently held by Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona, President-elect Jonathan Nez and Vice President-elect Myron Lizer are requesting McSally and Senator-elect Kyrsten Sinema to work across the aisle for the benefit of the Navajo Nation and all Arizonans.

“We congratulate Congressman Martha McSally for her appointment to the U.S. Senate and we urge her to work together with all political parties to move issues forward,” said President-elect Nez. “Water rights, roads, energy development, Indian Child Welfare Act, and Head Start funding are only a few of the issues that our Nation needs assistance with and we call on Senator-elect Sinema and incoming Senator McSally to work across the aisle to advocate for us.”

Gov. Ducey also stated that Sinema will become Arizona’s senior senator when she is sworn into office. As a democrat, Sinema narrowly defeated Republican candidate McSally in November’s general election to become Arizona’s first woman senator.

Vice President-elect Myron Lizer also congratulated Martha Mcsally and commended Gov. Ducey on this important appointment.

“We wish incoming Senator McSally the best as we will endeavor to join her and Senator-elect Kirsten Sinema to work on the challenges and the hopes we all have for the future to get ‘positive things done’ for Arizona’s tribal nations,” Vice President-Elect Lizer said.

Senator-elect Kyrsten Sinema will be sworn into office on Jan. 3, 2019, while McSally will take the oath of office at a later date.

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