Idle No More France Demonstrates Sale of Sacred Native Objects in Paris

Photo by by Gérald Lebrun

Photo by by Gérald Lebrun

Published May 30, 2016

PARIS – Facing cold springtime rains, Idle No More staged a demonstration outside the Hotel Drouot in Paris on Monday to protest the sale of American Indian sacred objects by the Eve Company.

Numerous American Indian tribes and national organizations opposed the sale of the sacred objects.


As an organization, Idle No More France has fought relentlessly to oppose the sacrilegious sale of Hopi, Zuni and Pueblo sacred objects the Eve company.

Sale of such items is illegal in the United States and the U.S. Embassy in Paris issues a statement in opposition of the auction sales by the Eve Company.

“We ask for support queries of the people that these objects back to their lands in their people,” commented Emmanuelle Bramban, coordinator of Idle No More France. “It is high time that the appalling cease sales in France and elsewhere, sacred objects are not for sale and the rights of indigenous peoples must be respected.”

Since its inception, Idle No More France has always taken the initiative to organize non-violent flash mobs to oppose the massive selling of sacred funereal objects that were in most cases stolen from American Indian tribes in the United States and taken to Europe.

Paris Protest 3France is a favorite place for its sales because the French courts do not protect the rights of Indigenous peoples, according to Idle No More France.

Paris Protest

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