Idle No More Michigan Seeks to Abolish Columbus Day in Traverse City

received_m_mid_1399085654387_d3eeb5badb392d2033_0 (2)TRAVERSE CITY, MICHIGAN — This coming Monday, Idle No More Michigan will attend the Traverse City Commission meeting to request the local government’s governing body to abolish Columbus Day. The group wants the city of Traverse City to replace its celebration with Indigenous Peoples Day.

The City Commission meeting will take place on Monday, June 2, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. – EDT. The meeting is scheduled to be held in the Commission Chambers on the second floor of the Governmental Center, 400 Boardman Avenue, Traverse City.

“They have not agreed to anything yet as we have not gone in front of them. We will be taking our proposal to them on Monday at 7:00 pm during their regular meeting. As it stands we have three of the seven commissioners on our side. We only need four to get it approved,” stated Angeline Antoine, spokesperson for Idle No More Michigan.

This action comes on the heels of action taken by the Minneapolis replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous People Day in late April. Many American Indians have long resisted the observance of a day to honor Christopher Columbus, who is credited with “discovering” the Americas in American history.

Some states do not observe Columbus Day, including Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon and South Dakota. The day has been a federal holiday since 1937.

Idle No More Michigan has the support for this measure from the following groups or individuals:

  • Idle No More
  • Idle No More Wisconsin
  • Idle No More Minnesota
  • Idle No More Detroit
  • Idle No More Indigenous Report
  • Native Voices United- USA/Canada
  • Occupy Kalamazoo
  • Occupy Traverse City
  • Jessica Gordon- Idle No More founder
  • Mary Lyons- Indigenous United Nations Delegate
  • Lee Sprague- Former LRBOI tribal councillor
  • Frank Wilson- GTB Tribal Councilor
  • Holly Thompson- Chief Judge for Notawassepi Tribe

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